Monthly Archives: July 2013

Princess Peppa



Sky blue fondant covered  a  white chocolate cake layered with strawberry preserve and smooth white chocolate ganache. Princess Peppa was handcut from fondant and the trail of stars from her wand were individually dusted with edible glitter to add that essential  touch of sparkle.


Peppa Pig’s Birthday Party


White chocolate cake laced with raspberry extract and tinted a subtle shade of pink was layered with white chocolate ganache and covered with pastel green fondant. Peppa and all her party accessories were handcut from fondant and applied to the top along with a border of little shrubs and blossoms P7202830to create this pretty cake just perfect for a little girl who’s mad about Peppa Pig!

Pastel colours were the preference here but they could easily be swopped for brights to change the look a little.

Minecraft Landscape


Hundreds of tiny little coloured fondant tiles were applied by hand to create the pixelated effect of a Minecraft landscape. Steve, the main character of this popular computer game, was handcrafted in fondant and entirely edible, much to the delight of the birthday boy and his friends!

Birthday Cake Pops

P6300013Deliciously dense bites of caramel cake truffle were shaped, dipped in white and dark chocolate, sprinkled and decorated then finished with a candle to create a mini birthday cake on a pop stick!

Nestled in a box and tied with a bow they make a lovely gift and sweet birthday treat for somebody special.

P6300079 P6300009