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‘Sent from Heaven’ Gender Reveal / Baby Shower

Chocolate Mud Cake layered with Vanilla and Cappuccino Ganache in shades of blue, covered with a soft gold marbled fondant highlighted with gold leaf dust and lustre. Dressed with delicate angel wings hand crafted from sugar paste to symbolize the anticipated arrival of a precious little love ‘sent from heaven’.

Engagement Cake

This cake was designed to celebrate a proposal made by a boy from Australia to a girl from Argentina. The words were symbolic of their relationship and the epic journey they have been on together since meeting, the intertwined ribbons to reflect the union of their respective heritage and the butterflies to represent the start of something new, endurance and hope for all the joy that is yet to come.

Engagement Cake – Back View

The pretty back view of the cake.

Engagement Cake – Side Angle

A side angle of the cake the show the flora bas relief fondant.

‘Love you to the moon and stars’ Baby Shower Cake

A soft and contemporary design in pale pink and mixed metallics for a baby shower. Caramel Mud Cake layered with White Chocolate Ganache covered with rolled fondant and edible rose gold shimmer glitter flakes. A sugar moon and cascading stars falling from a fluffy white cloud to welcome a precious baby with love.

Moon Baby New Arrival Cake

Designed to welcome and celebrate a new little love born under the full moon with decorative details to reflect the elements of his name.

Moon Baby New Arrival Cake

A side angle to show the embossed detail reflecting the elements of the baby’s name

Moon Baby New Arrival Cake

From the top down with a closer look at the precious little love sleeping under the full moon which was an image of the actual moon captured on the night and printed onto sugar sheet.

Royal Teddy Bear Gender Reveal/Baby Shower Cake

Almond Raspberry Ripple Mud Cake brushed with Coconut Syrup and layered with Vanilla Custard Ganache, covered with rolled fondant. Dressed with decorations all handmade from sugar paste and finished with a gold sugar paste crown which was on a motorised rotating turntable.

Rocking Chair Baby Shower Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake brushed with Kirsch Syrup and layered with Black Cherry Preserve and White Chocolate Ganache. Covered with rolled fondant and dressed with a sugar paste baby clothes line, an edible print of the custom designed graphic for the celebration and topped with a bespoke rocking chair handmade from sugar paste on a motorised turntable.